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This new year, your obsession makes the greatest gift


You may have noticed the two jars by the door of A Readers Heaven this week. Down at the bottom, a small pile of Scrabble tiles is forming. You may have wondered, What is this for?

This year, A Readers Heaven is going to be giving back to our community. Everyone who makes a purchase will be given a Scrabble tile to place into one of two jars, each representing a different local charity.

Our first two local charities are the Lithgow Women and Childrens Crisis Centre and the Lithgow Mens Shed.


The Lithgow Women and Childrens Crisis Centre  A Part of Lithgow Community ProjectsServices include crisis accommodation and support to women and their children who have experienced domestic or family violence or who are homeless due to other life crisis.

The Lithgow Mens ShedThe modern Men’s Shed is an updated version of the shed in the backyard that has long been a part of Australian culture. The Lithgow Men’s Sheds builds projects for our community.

We want to give back to both of these two great organisations, but were giving you the chance to choose. Every time you come into the shop and make a purchase of new or used books, or art supplies, you will be given a Scrabble tile. You can then choose in which jar to place your tile. After 500 sales we will make two donations. We will donate $400 to the local charity whos jar has the most tiles. We will also make a $100 donation to the second charity.

And we will begin again with two more charities every 500 sales for all of 2017. If you have a suggestion for one of this years local charities, come into the shop and tell us or send us a message on Facebook.

Come in, get your tile, and have your say.

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