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10 Reasons Why Ken Hartley is a Bad Choice for Hermosa Beach City Council 2015

Thinking about voting for Ken?  Think again.

Ken is paying for endorsements. His campaign paid $500 each to 2 slate mailer organizations: 1) Parents for Progress and 2) California Voters Justice Guide to have it appear that independent 3rd parties endorsed him.  The Californias Voters Justice Guide is NOT affiliated with any law enforcement organization. The Parents for Progress is not associated with any parent/teacher organization. The treasurer of Parents for Progress also mislead voters in a 2013 election in Torrance. Both of these organizations are Chamber Approved as noted on their websites.His leadership position on the Hermosa Beach Camber of Commerce is a conflict of interest. The chamber is a private organization. Did you that the 2 Fiesta Hermosa events are big fundraisers for the chamber? The city gets a very small fee. The city needs to regularly negotiate with the chamber on events, policy, etc.  Whose side will Ken be on if there is a conflict? History shows, hell be on the chambers side.Ken does not participate in the city council meetings. All other council candidates attend and participate regularly. Watch the previous council meetings. Hes just not there.He didnt even bother to write a candidate statement in your sample ballot.Hed rather not shop in Hermosa, than bring a reusable bag to grocery store or pay a paper bag fee.  He posted that on socialKen Hartely's response to an ER article on the plastic bag ban.

Ken Hartelys response to an ER article on the plastic bag ban.

media, AND hes the chairman of the chamber of commerce for Hermosa Beach!Ken was on the payroll for the Yes on Measure O PAC, which was funded by EB. See the Yes on Measure O Form_460.  Did youknowEB offices are still in Hermosa. The city council is still engaging them on issues. This EB oil issue is not behind us. Their 30 year lease is still active.Ken supported Measure O until the final days. He flipped positions when the writing was on the wall that Measure O would fail. This not the kind of leadership we need. Kens big supporters include EBs biggest supporters, like the man who brought a lawsuit against Keep Hermosa Hermosa/Stop Hermosa Beach Oil to stop their ballot arguments.Ken made a citizens arrest of a No on O activist for littering. Instead of accepting that persons apology, Ken pressured our prosecutor to go to court. While in court, the city prosecutor dropped the charges in exchange for a $50 charitable donation. Ken cost our city time and money, rather than accept an apology.Ken Hartley wrote in 2002 when he lived in New Jersey: I have no children, dont want children and dont need a law that supposedly makes guns safer. Regardless of your opinion on gun control, his blatant disregard for children is troublesome. He certainly could have written that letter to the editor without that statement.

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